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History of the Microsoft Logo Design

Today in the world of technology, along with other companies, like Apple and Google, Microsoft is one of a well known and powerful tech company in the world. The logo of Microsoft is considered as the most famous one which has printed on millions of websites, PCs and software boxes.

Moreover, at some point, every person has used one of their products, whether, its windows, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn, or Skype. It has been 45 years since Microsoft established, and its logo has developed and changed over time.

1975–1979: A very First Emblem

Bill Gates and his friend Paul founded the company in 1975. They have created a logo themselves. They used the programming language to generate it, which was created in San serif font with round edges and concentric lines, influenced by 70s disco aesthetic. It was the only Microsoft logo consisted of two lines.

1980-1982: Drastic Rebranding  

It was the start of a new decade, where they have profitably partnered with IBM, and were becoming increasingly popular. However, to stay relevant to the revolution. They redesigned their logo, inspired by the look of a heavy metal band.

It was a drastic change in their logo because before the font was bold and consisted of two-line, but the first time it was written on a single line. The edges were designed sharp and exaggerated, diagonals the line on letter M, R, and F.

However, this design couldn’t go long and last just after two years.

1982–1986: Beginning of the Blibbet

Now it was the time when the company changed its logo from a rock style to more corporate look. They have used the san serif font. The letter O was carved out the series of parallel lines. This was the most loved emblem by its employees and gave a nicknamed as “Bilbbet”

1987–1994: The Pac Man Emblem

At the end of the 80s, Microsoft has become a successful global face. However, to justify their rapid shift in the new era of computing, as well as the company’s mission, visions and goals.

They have changed its designed. The buy logo was nicknamed as “Pac Man”, the Helvetica font was used which is the well-known font and still widely used. The emphasis was given on soft by using slash between O and S, and F and T were joined together.

It was the most consistent designed, used for more than 20 years.

2012: Current Design

In 2012 the design was changed with much anticipation. Instead of hiring a designer, the company employees collectively brainstormed in creativity and come up with this idea. This was the new face of a company based on the symbol and buy a logo type.

The Segoe font was used, with the addition of colourful symbols, which has made it so different. The symbol of 4 square was based on 4 different bright colours, including red, green, yellow, and blue.

Each colour was used to represent its important product. Like Red represents the PowerPoint and Office suite, Green represents the Xbox and Excel, Blue shows Word or Windows, and Yellow shows the Outlook or Bing.


From the start to till now, the company has made drastic changes not only on its custom logo but functionally and strategically. They have come across a long journey of evaluation, which depicts from its logo and brand strategy.

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