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The 4 Basic Design Elements of a Great Business Logo

Logos are the door to your brand that establishes the foundation of your company’s visual identity. They are the first thing that customer encounter and create a quick judgement regarding your company. This look and judgment helps them to perceive whether you are the right choice for them or not, or do your values align with their values?

However, if you got success to make an impressive impact on them, then most probably they become your loyal customers, and if they are not satisfied with the image of your logo, then it becomes really hard to attract them again towards you.

Therefore, whether you are designing an emblem for your business for the first time or redesigning it. The proper planning and consideration will help you to make thing smooth and easy for you, and you will be able to get the desire results.

So, let’s see the 4 fundamental elements that will make you one step forward to your success.

Identify Brand Personality

The core elements like colour, shapes and fonts that make the basic design of a logo. However, the goal to use these elements is to represent and to show the unique personality of the brand.

Therefore, before you buy logo, the first and foremost step is to identify its personality. Just like humans, brands also have different personalities based on their characteristics and values. It influences how people perceive you, and should be designed by keeping the preferences of audience in mind.

There are five main types of brand personalities:

  • Excitement: Easygoing, lively and youthful
  • Sophistication: Elegant and renowned
  • Ruggedness: Rough, outdoorsy, and sporty
  • Sincerity: Generous, thoughtful, and value-oriented
  • Competence: Accomplished and authoritative

Colour Psychology

Colour is the primary element in enhancing the effectiveness of your message, making it attractive and evoking emotions in the minds of customers. It makes them feel connected with the brand.

Therefore, the selection of colour shouldn’t be according to your likes and preferences, but it should be select that matches the personality of your brand. Moreover, before making any decision, there are a few things that you must consider:

  • It should be consistent and relate to the overall brand personality.
  • Understand the psychological impact and meaning behind any colour.
  • The combination should be made that can keep the readability and looks relevant.
  • Must be able to keep the quality and essence of the message, if appear in black and white.

Fonts Selection

Fonts not only used to convey the message but also reflect the tone and its essence. They help to further enhance and share the brand personality by being excited, funny and serious. There are many styles available but you have to purchase a logo with the font that is the best fit.

For example, Sans Serif is the most useful and commonly used font that shares the clean, readable, modern and stable look. The brands that have used it are Jeep, Microsoft, Channel, LinkedIn and many more.

Type of Logo

There are different types of logos available to choose from. Each has its own specification and usability that you can choose according to the nature of your business, and the look you want to give to your emblem. The basic types are:

Wordmarks: in which businesses use the name of their company as their logo. The benefit of using it is, it helps creates more brand awareness. The companies who have wordmark logos are Coca-Cola, Google and FedEx etc.

Lettermarks: this type uses the initials of the company name that helps the big-name companies to short it by converting into an abbreviation. Like CNN, IBM, and P&G.

Brandmarks: That is also called a symbol or icon that creates a unique and identifiable logo. Like Apple and Nike.

Emblem: in which the company name is used and connected to a pictorial element. Like Starbucks.


Logos have a direct and strong impact on the image of your brand. Therefore, it’s important to work and learn the basic elements before buying logo design. Hopefully, after reading this you got a clear understanding of the components that have a great influence in showing the right personality of the brand.

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