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The Do's and Don's of Custom Logo Design

When you start a new business, the most important thing that helps you in establishing a strong brand is logos. You must have to create a strong identity from the starts to have a lasting and effective impression on customers. However, logos help to establish a consistent image across all the mediums. As they are used from advertisements, billboards, websites, social media sites, to business cards.

Therefore, they have to be attractive and professional to make a distinctive and impressive image. A logo is a combination of shapes, colours, and fonts that make an image represent your company and its related information. It communicates, who are you, what are your products and services, and the core values and message of the brand.

Thereby, it is a lot more than combining the shapes, colours and fonts to create something that looks pretty. There are so many elements that need to be focused to make an emblem that is the best fit for your business and makes sense. And not everyone gets the right design for the first time.

Due to this reason, I am going to tell the dos and don'ts of the logo that you should have to focus while buying logo design.


Unique Design

The first and important element of a custom design is the uniqueness. In this competitive environment, to get a unique identity and recognition is the hardest thing. And it is not possible until you have a design that is not only attractive to gain more attention but should also be unique. This helps the customer to create distinctive image and easily differentiate you from your competitors.

Research about Market and Audience  

Before you buy logo or designed it from a designer, the research is the core element. The goal of an emblem is to attract your target audience and be visible and distinctive in the market. However, for that, you have to do the research to know their interests and tastes to create a logo that will appeal to them.

Moreover, the market research gives you the depth analysis about your competitors, and the elements they have used in their logo designs and what is their position in the market.

Keep it simple

I an aim to create something new creative and original, often results in making the design more detailed and complex than it need to be. Never forget, beauty lies in simplicity. Identify the core value that you want to share, integrate it with few designing elements and make something that is unique yet simple.


Imitating Others

The biggest mistake that can spoil the image and unique identity of your brand is by to copying the logo designs of others. When you used the elements that match with others or are very common in the market, it will create a bad impression on customers or might be confuse them in differentiating you with other brands.

However, for that best part is the research, when you do a research, you get the knowledge that what are the most commonly used elements, and how your competitor's design looks. Try to create something different from them.

Following the Trends

The trends are good to follow to keep up with the world, but in designing you have to be more practical and predictive. Evaluate that the logo you design now, will be appropriate after 10 years or not. The biggest reason to avoid the trend is, it looks attractive and appealing when designed, but once the trend fad out, it starts looking old-fashion and outdated.

Moreover, it couldn’t make a unique image and blends in with everyone else's. Therefore, buy a logo by using the elements that can give you a lasting and timeless image.

Complex logo

In this fast-moving world, customers don’t have much time to give your emblem just to understand what you are saying. The complex design makes things complicated. The actual and core message could not be able to deliver effectively.

Therefore, try to make an emblem as simple as possible.


Hopefully, you have got a good understanding and information regarding the selection of a right emblem. Whenever you buy business logo, keep these points in the mind in order to choose the clean and simple design that will attract more customers and create a lasting impression.

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