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Top 4 Most Expensive Logo Designs & Rebrand Ever

The significance of a logo design is undeniable in creating a unique identity of a brand. It is one of the most useful marketing tools that becomes the brand trademark and create awareness and recognition.

However, that’s the reason businesses struggle and put effort to have the right design. Some become successful at first attempt and some have to work more to improve the face of their brand. For example, Nike and Coca-Cola designs have evolved, but the actual design is still the same. In contrast, few companies whether a start-up or a multinational corporation have to redesign or rebrand their emblem to match their existing level.

They are the company’s calling card, capable of breaching cultural and language barriers. They make you present all over the world. However, to get those recognition companies pay a handsome amount of money in millions and billion dollars to get the right emblem for them.

Therefore, we have put together the top 4 companies that have designed the most expensive logos. So let’s began!


They have spent $1,280,000,000 to redesign their logo. It is the highest amount of money that any company has invested to buy a logo. But, yes it needs to be mention that it is the total amount that a company used to redesign and acquire the VeriSign company.

Through the acquisition, they got access to the ideas, resources, as well as logo of a VeriSign too. It’s was one of the famous checkmarks that represented authentication of security certificates (SSL) for websites through a tick. So they incorporated it with their emblem to associate with trustworthiness.

British Petroleum

They have invested $200 million in redesigning their emblem in mid-2000. It is also one of an expensive rebranding and logo redesign. In this redesigning, they have used the tagline of “Beyond Petroleum”. The motive of the company was to position its image as an environmentally sensitive company for sustainable, green energy sources. And due to the conscientious branding, advertising, they became successfully to get that position.

Posten Norge

It is a postal service company in Norway that invested $55,000,000 for the rebranding purpose. The design is made with proper planning and efforts due to which they got successful in creating positive brand awareness among its users. In the new emblem, they have used the words “Posten Norge”, in which “posten” came from the post.


The new symbol of a Pepsi cost them $1,000,000. Even though, the new design is not much different from the old one. They made few changes, in which they turned the white line of the logo to give it a shape of a smile, whereas the red colour became more prominent


The emblem is an asset of your brand. It creates long-term association and recognition in the customer's mind. Therefore, when you purchase logo, do the proper research that either the redesigning is needed or not, if it’s needed, then keeping the heritage and essence of a brand is important.

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